Getting Started#

Welcome to Molasses! I built Molasses so that every team can have the tools to perform safe and frequent deployments.

Molasses is built to make development easy, but also be fast. Learn more about Molasses' architecture

It takes just a few minutes to get started with Molasses:

When you sign up for Molasses, the app guides you through setting up your environments, API Keys, and your first feature flag. but here's the steps to get started:

  • Install Install the Molasses SDK package for your project. eg npm install --save @molassesapp/molasses-server

  • Configure Make sure your environment, it's API Key, and the features you need are configured. You can configure Molasses to do simple toggles or complex A/B tests. Learn more >

  • Setup Copy the feature name and the API key, use their values to initiate a connection with Molasses.

  • Code Write your new feature and wrap it with one of Molasses' evaluation tools. For example:

if (client.isActive("NEW_CHECKOUT")) {
// do the new thing
} else {
// do the normal thing

Molasses offers a robust audit log and integrations to enhance your toggling experience:

For more info:

Getting Started